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where beautiful furniture is given new life and new style by Namhee Lee, designer with a passion for harmonizing fabric, form and color.
Namhee brings a unique approach to the art of crafting fine furniture. The concept behind her pieces is profound and simple – she begins with beautiful objects, both old and new, and 'dresses' them the way a clothing designer might dress a person. Just as each person is unique, each piece of furniture has a hidden beauty that Namhee brings to the surface with the artful application of fabric. Each piece is created meticulously by hand, and each piece is given the commitment and love necessary to create something truly unique. Namhee is always searching for new and vintage pieces to enhance.
Born in South Korea, Namhee graduated with a degree in design and worked as a commercial interior designer predominantly in the fashion industry for over ten years. She moved to New York in 2002, started a family, and continued pursuing her passion for melding form and fashion. Now a mother of two sons, Maddox and Ian, Namhee is inspired daily about the role beautiful objects can play in a happy home, both with regard to function and fashion.
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